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Voices’ community outreach extends beyond our two annual concerts. Each year we perform in community festivals, memorial services for Voices members and special concerts such as the Soweto Gospel Choir’s performance at The Music Hall. Every year, we also make a donation to a local community nonprofit chosen by active Voices’ members, and every trip abroad involves a fundraising effort.

The Voices Choice donation was inspired by our trip to Ireland in 2001, where we raised funds for Friends Forever and for domestic violence agencies in Ireland. Our international efforts were followed by raising funds to clear a minefield in Croatia for our 2007 tour, collecting needed items to bring and distribute during our 2012 Cuba tour, and raising money to support a non-profit in South Africa called Music Works in 2018.

Portsmouth Music & Arts Center (PMAC)

is the recipient of Voices from the Heart's 2023 donation to a local nonprofit.



To build community through the arts by providing all people with the opportunity to achieve their full creative potential, regardless of their age, ability, or economic status. PMAC accomplishes this through high quality music and visual arts education programs and by creating ensemble, performance, and exhibition opportunities for students, professionals, and audiences.


Since its founding in 2002, the Portsmouth Music and Arts Center has successfully motivated and inspired thousands of music and art students of all ages. Its faculty’s commitment to the highest educational standards, combined with the passion and dedication of its students, is at the core of this success.

PMAC offers a wide variety of educational programs that meet the needs and aspirations of students of all ages and ability levels. Its teaching, regardless of musical genre or artistic medium, encourages the development of strong foundations. Its music curriculum has grown in recent years to include classical, jazz, blues, bluegrass, folk and rock, and many of its students explore other styles beyond our core curriculum. PMAC frequently welcomes guest artists who introduce students to a wide array of culturally diverse traditions. Its visual arts program focuses on strong foundations through a wide variety of media and cultural traditions. Its goal is always to provide the student with the opportunity to achieve their full creative potential.

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