Voices Stories

Voices’ “StoryCorps” Project was created as part of our 20th Anniversary celebration. Moving, funny and inspirational stories from Voices’ members were recorded, edited and presented at our 20th Anniversary exhibit in May of 2016.

From October 2014 through February 2015, Voices friend and musician, Craig Werth recorded intimate conversations with more than half of our active members. Participants shared the journeys that brought them to Voices, the tragedies, joys and life challenges they lived through, and the support, friendship and love they found in this community.

A Story Listening Group reviewed the many hours of recordings and selected 15 of the most compelling stories to be edited and showcases at the Anniversary exhibit. More stories were assembled into a printed booklet.

The gallery below features 29 of the joyful, heartfelt and touching stories we recorded.  Simply click on each picture to listen.


  • Recording & Editing: Craig Werth
  • Story Listening Group: Laura Donovan, Kara Plank, Jeanne Russell, Georgiana Ritter, Sonja Jacobson and Mo O’Leary
  • Booklet and Gallery Poster Editing & Design: Mo O’Leary
  • Website Gallery & Technical Support: Rebecca Gould
Teresa Pawletko

Susan Hubbard

Susan Anderson

Sue Jackson

Ruth McQuade

Meg Gilmanton

Lynne Weston

Kari Negron

Jody Blouch


Anne Romney

Ann Hopkins


Sylvia Yardino

Rebecca Gould

Mo OLeary

Kit Rodger Kari Negron

Judy MacDonald

Jeanne Russell


Four Gails And A Deb

Elizabeth Keuffel Christine Pelham

Diane Perry

Diane Pease

Betty Murphy

Beth Underwood

Becky May

Anne Smith

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