Founded in 1995 by Joanne Connolly, Voices from the Heart is a 200-voiced women’s alternative chorus located in Portsmouth, NH. We come from New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts to rehearse, perform and share the joy that comes from making music together. Cultural reviewer Paul Peter Jesep said of Voices from the Heart:The fire, sparkle and warmth that these individuals displayed during the concert make them diamonds. Each showed extraordinary energy, passion and majesty. They’re ‘Diamond Divas’

So Much More than a Chorus

Voices from the Heart is a community of women drawn and bound together by the shared love of music.  In addition to our spring and fall concerts, we perform in small groups for special community events, and for memorial services honoring Voices members who have passed away.  We knit comfort shawls for members going through challenging times, we raise money for charitable causes, we share news through our monthly newsletter and we get together for hikes, parties and community celebrations.  We talk, we laugh and we cry together in an environment of trust and friendship.

And every few years, we journey to another land to bring a musical message of goodwill and celebration.  We invite you to learn about our unforgettable trips to Ireland, Croatia and Cuba.

And for a video introduction to Voices, watch our YouTube video of our 2009 tribute to our newly elected President, Barack Obama.

Join Us!

The majority of Voices members return for the next session, but many take “Sabbaticals” or move on entirely after several years – which means that we always have a few spots open to new members.  We stay in touch with both current and previous Voices members through our extensive “alumnae” network, which includes over 500 women.  If you’d like to consider joining us, learn more.